Preparing Your Paper Based Portfolio

The Portfolio station is one part of the selection process and is designed to assess past achievements, commitment to specialty and career progression to date.

The first half of the station will be used to confirm your self assessment score from the responses you provided in your application form.  You will therefore be expected to provide evidence to support each option that you chose.

This guide will talk you through the kind of evidence that is expected and the order that you should present this for the panel.  You will also be scored on the organisation of your portfolio.  Should you fail to follow the guidance contained within this document, both in terms of order and evidence, you should expect to receive a low mark for organisation.

The second half of the portfolio station will be used to explore areas of your portfolio in more detail.  In particular, assessment will be made on evidence of reflective practice, your commitment/insight into anaesthesia and your commitment to the training programme/UoA in which you are being interviewed .  Achievements and interests outside of medicine will also be taken into account.

Please note: the facility to access e-Portfolio at the selection centre will not exist.

Portfolio Order

  1. CV
  2. Undergraduate Training – Additional Degrees
  3. Undergraduate Training – Prizes and Awards
  4. Additional Postgraduate Qualifications – including evidence of the constituent parts completed e.g. MCEM Part A, MRCP Part 1
  5. Postgraduate Training (excluding Foundation level) in other specialties
  6. Qualifications in Anaesthesia
  7. Clinical Governance and Audit
  8. Research
  9. Teaching
  10. Academic Publications
  11. Presentations (excluding audit presentations)
  12. Training courses attended (and current)
  13. Reflective practice
  14. Interests and achievements outside of medicine

If the evidence provided at the portfolio station does not match the score that you awarded yourself in your application, the assessors will alter the score for that domain; the score may be reduced or increased depending on whether you over or under scored yourself. If the evidence is not present to validate the score of a domain, the assessors will alter the score to match the available evidence. If there is no evidence for that domain, the score will be adjusted to zero.

If, during the portfolio station you are found to have seriously misrepresented yourself in your application form, the award of an overall portfolio score of zero may be made, and you may be referred to the GMC on grounds of breaching probity standards (GMC: Good Medical Practice, paragraphs 56–76).

It is important that you provide evidence to support each of the scores that you awarded yourself in the self assessment part of the application form.  Whilst it is not possible to provide an exhaustive list of acceptable evidence, the table below will give you an idea of acceptable examples.

Self Assessment Domain Examples of Acceptable Evidence
Undergraduate Training – Additional Degrees Original degree certificate
Undergraduate Training – Prizes and Awards
Original letter from Medical School
Original certificate
Additional Postgraduate Qualifications
Original qualification certificate
Original Royal College/College letters confirming examination pass etc.
Postgraduate Training in other specialties
Copy of ARCP outcome
Letter from educational supervisor confirming experience
Letter from Medical Staffing confirming length of appointment and specialty undertaken
Letter of appointment (providing this states the length of the post)
Qualifications in Anaesthesia
Evidence of Primary FRCA examination status – letter from the Royal College confirming exam success/marks
Clinical Governance and Audit
Copy of audit project
Presentation handouts for project
Original MD certificate
Letter from research supervisor
Copy of research project
Original certificate for teaching qualification
Letter confirming attainment of teaching qualification
Letter confirming involvement in a teaching programme
Copy/copies of teaching completed and feedback received
Academic Publications Copy of publication[s]
Presentations (excluding audit presentations) Copy of presentation (hard copy) and copy of event programme
Training courses attended (and current) Original certificates
Reflective Practice
Copies of educational appraisals
Copies of PDPs
Copies of completed workplace assessments e.g. TAB/MSF, mini CEX, CBD, reflective learning reports, core procedures etc.
Achievements Outside of Medicine Evidence of activities and achievements

Sometimes, it may be difficult to obtain certain evidence in a suitable format. A template evidence letter is therefore available to download from the from the Downloads section of this site.

In addition, you will be required to bring documentation to confirm your identity and eligibility for the post.  You will be informed what is required directly by your interviewing UoA. If you do not receive this guidance, you should contact the UoA directly.

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