Please find below answers to frequently asked questions by applicants in the Anaesthetics National Recrutiment Office (ANRO) inbox.

2024 CREST Form for CT1 Applications:

Only the 2024 CREST form will be accepted in the 2024-2025 recrutiment year, for applications to CT1 Anaesthetics for the August 2024 and February 2025 intake. The 2021 CREST form is no longer valid for future recruitment rounds and will be rejected during longlisted if provided, and the 2024 version requested.

The 2024 CREST form can be found in the "Downloads" section of this website.


Self-Assessment Guidance:

The August 2024 guidance and documentation for ST4 Self-Assessment will be published to the ANRO website ahead of the vacancy opening in line with the National Recruitment Timeline.

Please do not use the February 2024 guidance when planning your ST4 Self-Assessment portfolio.

Please note, the February 2024 Guidance & Criteria have now been removed from the ANRO website ahead of the August 2024 Round 2 ST4 recruitment commencing.

Dates regarding the ST4 Self-Assessment process in 2024-2025 Round 2 recruitment year are published in the ST4 Section of this website.



At the time of application, you will be asked to preference one of the three clusters (England and Wales or Northern Ireland or Scotland) that you are prepared to work in. Your choice of cluster cannot be amended once an application has been submitted.

Once an applicant is invited to an online interview, they will be asked to make more detailed programme and geographical preferences, known as Sub-Preferences. Sub-Preferences must be made on Oriel and the stated Sub-Preferences will be used when offers are made. Please be aware that Sub-Preferences expressed in any other way will not be taken into consideration.

Posts may not be available for applicants to sub-preference at time of application; posts will appear after sub-preferences are opened and applicants will be able to rank their preferred posts then.


Preference Places:

When completing initial preferences at time of submitting your application, the places available may show as 0. 

Places will initially show as 0 as we often only have indicative post numbers available from our recruiting regions when vacancies open; specific posts and numbers will appear later in the process and after sub-preferences are opened, applicants will be able to rank their preferred posts then

Applicants only need to preference their region (e.g. England and Wales) at time of application.

For 2023 Round 3 recruitment, only England & Wales are recruiting to CT1; both England & Wales and Northern Ireland are recruiting to ST4.




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