Anaesthetics ST4 Recruitment

Specialty & Level (Type of Work)                                    
Anaesthetics ST4
Recruitment Round                                                          August 2024
Type of Recruitment                                                         National
Qualifications & Professional Registration Required        See Anaesthetics ST4 Person Specification          
Anticipated Start Date                                                      Wednesday 7th August 2024
Competition Ratios                                                           Visit Specialty Training Website
Contact Us                                                                         Email Recruitment Team
Application Process                                                          See Medical Specialty Recruitment Applicant Handbook 2024
Online Recruitment Portal                                                 Oriel
National Recruitment Timetable
Advert Appears                                                              Wednesday 15th November 2023
Apply from                                                                      Thursday 16th November 2023 (10am)
Closing Date                                                                  Thursday 7th December 2023 (4pm)
Self-Assessment Document Upload Window                Monday 15th January to Monday 22nd January 2024
Self-Assessment Verification Scores Released              Monday 12th February 2024
Self-Assessment Verification Appeal Window                Monday 12th February to Thursday 15th February 2024 (10am)
Invitations to Interview & Applicant Declaration              Wednesday 28th February 2024
Deadline for Interview & Applicant Declaration              Friday 1st March 2024
Interview Window                                                        Tuesday 12th March to Tuesday 9th April 2024
Offers From                                                                    Wednesday 17th April 2024
Hold Deadline                                                                  Tuesday 23rd April 2024 (1pm)
Upgrade Deadline                                                          Wednesday 24th April 2024 (1pm)     

*All times are UK times (GMT/BST)

*Please look at the online interview tab for specific dates within the window*

Region ST4 Anaesthetics*
Health Education East Midlands 22
Health Education East of England 0-5
Health Education Kent, Surrey & Sussex 28-40
 Health Education London 57-80
Health Education North East 0-12
Health Education North West (Mersey & North Western) NW 1-29 Mer 1-13
Health Education South West (Peninsula & Severn) Pen 2-8 Sev 2-4
Health Education Thames Valley 15
Health Education Wessex 0-10
Health Education West Midlands 13-27
Health Education Yorkshire and the Humber 0-36
NHS Education for Scotland 38
Northern Ireland Medical and Dental Training Agency 16
Health Education and Improvement Wales 9-12
*Vacancy numbers are indicative only and are subject to change.
Region Online Interview Dates 2024
London & KSS

Friday 22nd March 2024.

East of England

Thursday 21st & Friday 22nd March 2024.

North East Tuesday 19th March 2024.  
North West Tuesday 12th & Wednesday 13th March 2024.  
Thames Valley

Wednesday 13th & Thursday 14th March 2024.

West Midlands Tuesday 12th, Wednesday 13th & Thursday 14th March 2024.
Northern Ireland

Monday 25th March 2024.

Scotland Wednesday 13th & Thursday 14th March 2024.  
Wales Monday 18th & Tuesday 19th March 2024.  


For applicants being considered in England and Wales you can interview at any online interview in these regions and will be considered for all posts in these regions.

For applicants applying to Northern Ireland & Scotland you can only interview in Northern Ireland and be considered for posts in Northern Ireland and interview in Scotland and be considered for posts in in Scotland. 

Selection Centre Dates can be subject to change


Eligibility Criteria, Applicant Guide and Other Recruitment Documents

  • Please refer to the relevant Person Specification[s] for eligibility criteria and read the immigration statement in the 2024 Specialty Training Applicant Handbook which will apply to doctors considering entry to programmes in this round of recruitment.
  • Applicant FAQ's will be answered by the Applicant Guide, if you still require assistance after referring to this please contact ANRO using the contact us page.

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